Thursday, September 8, 2011

Spoilt Piggies

I let the girls have some time in the puppy pen on Wednesday, thinking they would enjoy the super lush grass that's grown in since we had all the rain last week. After all, it doesn't get much yummier than fresh grass for a piggy.

There were many happy mutters and grunts for the first little while, but as the afternoon shadows got longer I noticed the girls were getting a bit homesick. They all lined up along the side of the pen closest to the mansion cage trying to chew their way through! They wanted to go back home!

I think it says a lot for the fact that they're pretty happy in the mansion. Which makes me pretty happy too.

(the cheeky white piggy in these photos is Beeno. She'd just had a bath and was looking particularly lovely! I just love Molly's little head popping out from underneath the Thomas the tank engine cubby house too. The piggies get more use out of it then my kids do!)

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