Saturday, September 3, 2011


I am so naughty! I adopted another little sweet fluff-ball baby yesterday. This little lady is called Millicent, and she is a lilac Sheba Mini Yak. Or at least, should look very much like one when she's grown up.

Her daddy is a stunning lilac Sheba - full, thick crazy coat! And her mummy is a lilac, white and gold Sheltie. So she should have nice long hair - what it ends up growing like will be a bit of a mystery though! But I'm looking forward to being able to watch her grow and develop into a lovely little lady!

I thought I'd get a photo of the three fluffy girls together too. We have Millicent on the left (5 weeks old), Elodie in the middle (I finally named her!), also 5 weeks old, and Molly on the end (3 weeks old today).

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