Thursday, September 15, 2011

Latest edition - Lavender Mist

Look who has come to stay at our caviary. This sweet little ball of fluff we've named 'Lavender Mist'. She's a lilac, white and cream mystery breed. A mystery only in the sense that her parents don't really give any clue as to what she will grow into. Her dad is a very handsome golden agouti Sheba, while her mum is a grey Abyssinian. Yet Lavender has lovely thick, soft curls. Not as long as you might expect on a 'proper' texel. And way longer than you'd ever see on a rex. So who knows what's going to happen. Logically it's likely that her hair will continue to grow, and she'll end up looking like a texel. But it may get to a certain point and stop as well. Which would be pretty cool.

When I first re-established my stud at the beginning of the year, one of the breeding goals in the back of my mind was to work on a mid-length, curly-coated variety of guinea pig. Texels are stunning, but a lot of work with the hair that reaches the floor. With the length tending to drag down a lot of the fluff and curl that the animal has when younger. And Rexs are nice, but could be so cute with just a touch more length to the hair... Much like the Swiss guinea pig breed found in Europe I suppose. (though that is a completely different genetic basis again).

So I do have high hopes for little Lavender Mist, but will enjoy the process of watching her grown and change no matter what the outcome.


  1. Hi Emma I love reading your Posts, you have some really cute Guinea Pigs. I read that you would like to breed a Texel with the curls but for the coat not to be as long. I have a male I brought he has curls but he is not pure Texel. I wonder if he would produce offspring like you are looking for I have some pics I could send if you would like to see him. I have him with a female at the moment but she is more like a Rex (she has Texel in her line as well) I think he would need a longer haired sow to breed with but you never know what you might get. Thanks Shane & Stacey

  2. Hi Shane and Stacey. I'd love to see pictures of your little man! My email is if you're able to send them through to their. It would be awesome to be able to have the curls/fluff without all the length wouldn't it. :)