Thursday, September 22, 2011

Grandma, Daughter and Granddaughter

These three gorgeous ladies came to stay at our caviary today. Their previous owners were unable to keep them, and needed them to find new homes as soon as possible. So we took them back here, gave them a bit of a health check. They are all in excellent condition and have been well loved.

The self-black Abyssinian is the Grandma of the bunch and is about 1 year old. She is in perfect health, weighing in at just under 900g. I've just fallen in love with her, so she will be staying here. Her name is Peppa.

Peppa's daughter Pixie is mostly black with a big fat stripe of brilliant ginger-gold over her shoulders. She is a slightly longer-haired Abyssinian x and is in perfect health as well. She has been treated for mites, lice, worms and fungal just in case. Her weight is a little lower than I'd like for a 7 month old (weighing in at just over 600g), but considering she is the mum to a 3 month old... that's probably not surprising!

Pixie has a very mischievous personality on her, and I actually considered naming her 'Trouble' instead of Pixie! :P She is available for adoption for someone who can offer her a longterm home.

And lastly, this is Pixie's daughter Petal. She is a white, buff and slate Abyssinian x with semi-longhair. Her hair is actually surprisingly soft, much much softer than her mum and grandma. She has the prettiest eye patches, and the slate colouring on her rump actually appears to be roan (a mix of slate grey and black hairs). This makes no effect to her health and wellbeing, but does mean that she would be best NOT bred to another roan guinea pig to avoid serious genetic issues in the resulting offspring. She is 14 weeks old, and weighs 400g, again a little lighter than I'd expect for a 3 month old. She is in good condition, but does have some minor hair loss that she is being treated for, and will be adopted out once she is all better.

If you have any guinea pigs that you can no longer keep, or need re-homed, feel free to let me know ( Alternatively Maureen from the Cavy Cottage is always happy to take in guinea pig surrenders too.

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