Saturday, September 3, 2011

Piggy Updates and weights

Here's this weeks weigh in, for Sunday the 4th September 2011:
(this week everyone (except the little babies) were treated with ivermectin as a preventative worming/lice method, especially with the weather warming up, and with the addition of newbies!)

*** Liam's Love Shack ***
Liam is 890g (gained 5g) - 22wks (5.5m)
Ruby is 985g (gained 70g) - 24wks (6m)

*** Sprout's Pad ***
Sprout is 765g (gained 25g) - 21wks (5m)
Kobe is 835g (gained 35g) - 27wks (6.5m)

*** Girl's Mansion ***
Alba is 835g (gained 30g) - 27wks (6.5m)
Alice is 965g (gained 100g) - 29wks (7m) (pregnant, due approx 1/10/11)
Beeno is 890g (gained 70g) - 27wks (6.5m)
Bonnie is 860g (gained 70g) - 14wks (3.5m)
Custard is 955g (gained 5g) - 4.5yrs
Galaxy is 1030g (gained 80g) - 35wks (8.5m) (pregnant, due approx 23/9/11)
Ginger is 935g (gained 10g) - 24wks (6m)
Sparrow is 905g (gained 45g) - 21wks (5m)
Subi is 1180g (gained 65g) - 2.5yrs
Yeti is 580g (gained 60g) - 14wks (3.5m)

Crumble is 880g (gained 30g) - 40wks (10m)(nursing)
Molly is 255g (gained 60g) - 3 weeks
Mason is 280g (gained 70g) - 3 weeks
Mika is 270g (gained 70g) - 3 weeks

Sheba is 790g (loss 30g) - 32wks (8m)(nursing)
Bear is 165g (gained 40g) - 1 week
Bodie is 155g (gained 55g) - 1 week
Ben is 145g (gained 35g) - 1 week

(and the newbies!)
Malakai is 310g (first weigh in here) - 5 weeks
Millicent is 270g (first weigh in) - 5 weeks
Eloide is 275g (first weigh in) - 5 weeks

Wow... weighing everyone is quite a job now! I love seeing how well they're all doing though. We've had some pretty big gains this week! Our current pregnant girls, Alice and Galaxy are doing really well and putting on a nice amount of weight. I have felt movement from Galaxy's tummy, but not Alice yet. There is no doubt in my mind that Alice is carrying bubs though. She most likely just has a little bit longer to go than Galaxy.

Sheba and her boys are doing really well. Sheba is the most relaxed little mummy I've had in a long time. Her little men are so gorgeous too!

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