Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beenie and the ear fungus!

What a delightful title that one is!

I'm happy to report that Miss Beenie and her crusty ear are doing much better. After the ear didn't respond to the mite treatment last monday, I did a bit more research and decided that it looked most like a fungal infection. I had a bit of anti fungal cream left over in our medicine cabinet, and have been smearing her ear with it every day since wednesday. This is what it looks like now! AMAZING!

I should have taken a before photo. That would have been even better. If you can imagine that pink area covered in a white, dandruffy crust - then you'll understand how much healthier she's looking. It's funny though, because the infection and treatment seem to have taken the black pigment out of her ear skin.

You can kind of see her other ear in this shot. I wonder if it will go black again in time!?

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