Sunday, May 22, 2011

Some special news

Today's Weigh in:

Sprout is 315g (gained 35g) - 6wks
Sparrow is 355g (gained 50g) - 6wks
Liam is 395g (gained 65g) - 7wks
Ruby is 520g (gained 50g) - 9wks
Ginger is 530g (gained 60g) - 9wks
Kobe is 530g (gained 50g) - 12wks
Alice is 485g (gained 20g) - 14wks
Beeno is 465g (gained 30g) - 12wks
Alba is 520g (gained 40g) - 12wks
Custard is 895g (gained 5g) - 4yrs
and Subi is 1185g (gained 50g) - 1-2yrs

Total piggy weight 6.195kg! (total gained 460g!!)

Everyone is doing really well at the moment. Beeno and her crusty ear are looking great, Sprout still has a bit of hair loss, but is better than he was, everyone is gaining weight and having fun!

When I picked up Subi today though, I thought she felt considerably fatter than last week. Almost pregnant feeling. But I dismissed that thought because I'd had her for at least a month now in an all girl cage... then I felt her belly move!

She's definitely pregnant! And probably about 6-7 weeks along too. My guess for a due date is somewhere in mid June. I'm so excited to have babies coming so soon! But at the same time I'm a little annoyed at the breeder I got her from. She stood there lecturing me not to get her pregnant for at least 5months so she could have a break as her last litter was only the month before I adopted her... Who knows what the father looked like as well! This will be a little surprise package litter!

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