Sunday, May 29, 2011

Growing Grass

I decided to try growing some grass for the pigs. Especially Sprout and Beeno who are in quarantine at the moment, each kicking a case of mites and ear fungus respectively. This is just a container lined with paper towel, sprinkled with grass seeds and dampened with water. Not so much that they'll go mouldy, but enough to get them to germinate.

I left them outside on the patio table for two weeks, watering them a little each day - and this is what the result was! Lush, tasty grass shoots.

Getting the grass out was super easy. I just lifted out the paper towel which was held together in one chunk by the grass roots, and placed it in the cage with the pigs.

As you can see, Beeno took an immediate interest! There's probably nothing yummier to a guinea pig than freshly sprouted grass!