Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday weigh in

This is today's run down, with the weigh gained since last week in (brackets):

Sprout is 240g (gained 50g) - 4wks
Sparrow is 235g (gained 25g) - 4wks
Liam is 300g (gained 50g) - 5wks
Ruby is 375g (gained 35g) - 7wks
Ginger is 390g (gained 35g) - 7wks
Kobe is 405g (gained 25g) - 10wks
Alice is 400g (gained 25g) - 12wks
Beeno is 400g (lost 10g) - 10wks
Alba is 445g (gained 30g) - 10wks
Custard is 865g (lost 45g) - 4yrs
and Subi is 1070g (lost 35g) - 1-2yrs

Total piggy weight 5.125 kg! (total gained 205g!!)

Our porkers for the week are Sprout and Liam! Obviously things have been pretty good out in the bachelor pad this week! And it looks like Sprout is feeling a lot better after his mite treatment on Wednesday too!

I am a little concerned at the weight loss from Beeno, Custard and Subi though. Especially Custard. She's a lot older than everyone else and can't afford to loose any weight. The fact that Subi was less too though makes me think that maybe it was just a time-of-day thing. Last week I weighed them at the end of a day of gorging on veg! Today it was just before lunch time.

Beeno is young though, and should be growing steadily each week. I did notice that her ear is a bit crusty, and am wondering if she has a fungal infection. I'm going to pick up some anti fungal cream tomorrow, and see if that helps things.

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