Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lunkarya Guinea Pigs

Have you ever heard of a Lunkarya Guinea Pig before? No? Neither had I until this weekend.

I was strolling down the archives of the internet a few nights ago when I stumbled across this incredible looking creature.

This is a Lunkarya Guinea Pig. They are a really new variety, developed in Europe around 1986, so not available here in Australia. They are kind of like Peruvian's with rough hair, from what I can gather. The babies are born looking a lot like texels/alpacas, but end up growing long, ringlet fur that sticks up in all directions due to the roughness of the fur. The rougher the better in this breed apparently!

I'd love to get one!!! This website has been fantastic for information about these guys, and heaps of photos too.