Sunday, May 15, 2011

The pigs made pigs of themselves!

Today's Weigh in:

Sprout is 280g (gained 40g) - 5wks
Sparrow is 305g (gained 70g) - 5wks
Liam is 330g (gained 30g) - 6wks
Ruby is 470g (gained 95g) - 8wks
Ginger is 470g (gained 80g) - 8wks
Kobe is 480g (gained 75g) - 11wks
Alice is 465g (gained 65g) - 13wks
Beeno is 435g (gained 35g) - 11wks
Alba is 480g (gained 35g) - 11wks
Custard is 890g (gained 25g) - 4yrs
and Subi is 1130g (gained 60g) - 1-2yrs

Total piggy weight 5.735 kg! (total gained 610g!!)

We had a good week this week. Everyone gained. And most of the gains were huge!!! Little Ruby packed on a massive 95g! That's a 25% body mass weight gain. Or in human terms, like an average 60kg woman gaining 15kg in one week! (Granted - some of that may have been a full bladder/full tummy). Still - one pretty good weight gain, and over half a kg of extra piggy mass this week. It feels good to know all those fruit and veg and hay and grass are going to good use :).

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