Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday weigh in

Today is monday, and in our house that means... 'weigh in day!'. So all the piggies get bundled up and brought inside to see how much they've gained over the last week of gorging themselves on hay, pellets and endless supplies of veggies!

This is today's run down, with the weigh gained since last week in (brackets):

Sprout is 170g (gained 35g) - 3wks
Sparrow is 210g (gained 65g) - 3wks
Liam is 250g (gained 35g) - 4wks
Ruby is 340g (gained 45g) - 6wks
Ginger is 355g (gained 40g) - 6wks
Kobe is 380g (gained 55g) - 9wks
Alice is 375g (gained 35g) - 11wks
Beeno is 410g (gained 60g) - 9wks
Alba is 415g (gained 30g) - 9wks
Custard is 910g (gained 10g) - 4yrs
and Subi is 1105g (gained 35g) - 1-2yrs

Total piggy weight 4.920 kg! (total gained 445g!!)

Our porkers for the week are Sparrow and Beeno! And a special mention needs to go out to Subi, who really doesn't need to get any bigger... but did! :P

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