Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cutest weigh in yet!

The weigh in for Monday 2nd August 2011:

Sprout is 510g (gained 60g) - 16wks
Sparrow is 760g (gained 30g) - 16wks
Liam is 780g (gained 50g) - 17wks
Ruby is 830g (gained 60g) - 19wks
Ginger is 825g (lost 10g) - 19wks
Kobe is 710g (gained 20g) - 22wks
Alice is 765g (gained 30g) - 24wks
Beeno is 780g (gained 5g) - 22wks
Alba is 730g (lost 10g) - 22wks
Custard is 950g (lost 15g) - 4.5yrs
Subi is 1.075kg (gained 20g) - 2yrs
Bonnie is 665g (gained 45g) - 9wks
Galaxy is 830g (gained 40g) - 31wks
Sheba is 875g (gained 85g) - 27wks
Crumble is 1120g (gained 65g) - 35wks
Yeti is 400g (gained 60g) - 9wks

Total piggy weight 12.605kg(total weekly gain of 530g across 16 guinea pigs, which is slightly more than last weeks gain at approx 33g per pig)

I also got some gorgeous photos of my two year old Chelsea cuddling Sheba.

Sheba is the best pig for toddler cuddles. She just relaxes when held - as you can see by her cute little foot licking!


  1. Love all your pigs but I think Sheba, Yeti and Sprout are my top favs. Speaking of Sheba, I really wannt a Peruvian and now that you have done a post on her, makes me want one even more!

  2. thanks guys. I love the peruvians too - really anything fluffy!!!

  3. Hi Emma
    I have my open day on the 3rd Sept and would love to buy one of your plush pigs (the long haired one if poss) as a raffle prize. Also happy for you to bring some for sale on the day. Love your pigs. I must start my own blog with my crew. Regards