Monday, August 22, 2011

Babies weigh in at 1week old

Here's this weeks weight in, for Sunday the 21st August 2011 (yep, we're a little late this week... those adorable bubs have been stealing all my time away!):

Sprout is 705g (gained 95g) - 19wks
Sparrow is 820g (gained 20g) - 19wks
Liam is 865g (gained 40g) - 20wks
Ruby is 900g (gained 35g) - 22wks
Ginger is 850g (lost 5g) - 22wks
Kobe is 775g (same) - 25wks
Alice is 820g (gained 20g) - 27wks
Beeno is 820g (gained 5g) - 25wks
Alba is 740g (gained 5g) - 25wks
Custard is 945g (same) - 4.5yrs
Subi is 1.060kg (lost 15g) - 2.5yrs
Bonnie is 740g (gained 20g) - 12wks
Galaxy is 925g (gained 85g) - 34wks
Sheba is 1105g (gained 150g) - 30wks (pregnant)
Crumble is 850g (lost 90g) - 38wks (nursing)
Yeti is 485g (gained 75g) - 12wks

Molly is 135g (gained 30g) - 1 week
Mason is 145g (gained 40g) - 1 week
Mika is 135g (gained 50g) - 1 week

The babies are obviously feeding well! Little porkers! And Galaxy and Sprout have done exceptionally well this week too. But the award for the biggest piggy goes to (the heavily preg) Sheba! 150g in one week is a pretty good effort!

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