Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekly weigh in - now with 19 guinea pigs!

This is just a little video I took of Crumble's babies following her around in the 'birthing cage' (which is actually our bath tub!) yesterday morning before they upgraded to the mansion. I just love how wobbly and fast the babies walk. It's like they have to sprint to keep up with mum!

Here's this weeks weight in, for Sunday the 14th August 2011:

Sprout is 610g (lost 5g) - 18wks
Sparrow is 800g (gained 15g) - 18wks
Liam is 825g (gained 50g) - 19wks
Ruby is 865g (lost 15g) - 21wks
Ginger is 855g (gained 20g) - 21wks
Kobe is 775g (same) - 24wks
Alice is 800g (gained 15g) - 26wks
Beeno is 815g (gained 10g) - 24wks
Alba is 735g (lost 30g) - 24wks
Custard is 945g (same) - 4.5yrs
Subi is 1.085kg (gained 10g) - 2.5yrs
Bonnie is 720g (gained 25g) - 11wks
Galaxy is 840g (lost 5g) - 33wks
Sheba is 955g (gained 65g) - 29wks (pregnant)
Crumble was 1250g (gained 75g), then gave birth, now 940g (lost 310g) - 37wks
Yeti is 410g (lost 15g) - 11wks

Molly born at 105g
Mason born at 105g
Mika born at 85g (total of 295g of baby!)

Total weight for all 19 guinea pigs is 13.335kg - gain of 200g over the week.

Not the best week with weight gain this week... quite a few pigs have dropped slightly or stayed the same. This does tend to happen though I've noticed. If one has a bad week, its likely that they all will. I wonder if something scared them, or they don't like the vegy selection as much or something... who knows! No worrying drops though, so we'll just see how this next week pans out.

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