Saturday, August 13, 2011

Crumble's Baby Girl - Molly

This is little Molly, daughter of Crumble and an unknown dad. Crumble has been living with us for 63 days, so little Molly could possibly be the daughter of Liam - but I would place my bets otherwise.

Molly is a surprisingly big baby, weighing in at 105g. She was born sometime in the early hours of Sunday the 14th August and has two brothers - Mika and Mason.

I'm a little thrown by Molly's colouring. If I didn't know better, I would have thought Sheba was her mummy! (But Crumble was in her birthing cage all by herself!). Molly will most probably end up with Peruvian hair, or somewhere half way between Peruvian and Abyssinian. It really depends on what her daddy looked like - which is a mystery! I am in love with her sweet ginger and white patches though - what a heart breaker! So far she's the most boisterous out of the three bubs. She did NOT want to sit still for her photos!

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