Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Our newest arrival

Our little black Texel x Peruvian baby arrived this morning. Look how much her curls have grown! She has a real woolly feel to her. A lot more course than Liam (pedigree texel), so I will be so curious to see how she grows.

She is still as yet unnamed, but I will let you know when we choose one.


  1. We had a post a little while back about naming your guinea pig. If you don't like any of those names, how about Bumble or Yeti?

  2. How funny is this - Bumble is actually one of the names I considered. I had a smoothie jet black girl as a child called Bumble. I LOVE the name 'Yeti' for her though! Perfect!!! Yeti she shall be!

  3. Hi, i have just bought my daughter 2 baby GP's and the one looks exactly like this one. I am so curious as to how the coat would look as he gets older, please can you post an update.