Thursday, June 16, 2011

A bit of my own sewing

I managed to track down some soft polar fleece blankets at K-mart yesterday for a bargain $3 each, so thought I'd have a play around at making a few more cuddle sacks for the pigs. Now that the old sacks are suspended from the roof, keeping the openings open, they are getting used everyday! Each morning I have to go in and tip out the collection of poos in the bottom of them all! I'm glad they're using them though.

This one is just like the cuddle sack's I purchased from The Creative Cavy. Only I didn't think about my measurements as well as I should have, and mine ended up a little shallower with a much fatter roll (and I was too lazy to finish the edges!). The super-stuffed roll top has helped it stay open though, you can see little Miss Alba quite well in there without anything propping it up. I still suspended it from the roof of the cage like the other bags though, as it will get floppier over time and trampled from use. This one took about 15mins from start to finish.

Then I thought I'd be a little more adventurous and try a triangle design with wire support. This took about 2 hours - stop and start due to baby related distractions! I just cut three rectangles, and sewed them long sides together to make a triangle shaped tube. Then I cut two triangles to fit the ends, sewed a circle in the middle of one and cut out the inside. Sewed the triangles to the ends of the tube and turned it out through the circle hole.

Then I bent together a frame out of wire making sure the sharp edges were tucked in and wrapped around so the pigs can't hurt themselves, positioned it inside of the house, and then sewed around the seams to keep it in place - also making sure no raw edges were exposed. I'm happy with this design, but I'll need thicker wire if I do it next time, it's still a little floppy.

Here is Custard doing some modelling for me. She seemed to like it. When I put it in the cage though, Alice claimed it as hers. :P

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