Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This week's weigh in

Here's the weigh in for Monday the 27/6/2011:

Sprout is 555g (gained 40g) - 11wks
Sparrow is 550g (gained 30g) - 11wks
Liam is 585g (gained 35g) - 12wks
Ruby is 700g (gained 5g) - 14wks
Ginger is 730g (gained 60g) - 14wks
Kobe is 705g (gained 75g) - 17wks
Alice is 625g (gained 45g) - 19wks
Beeno is 625g (gained 50g) - 17wks
Alba is 645g (gained 25g) - 17wks
Custard is 935g (gained 40g) - 4.5yrs
Subi is 1kg (lost 35g) - 2yrs (Nursing Bonnie)
Bonnie is 395g (gained 65g) - 3.5wks old
Galaxy is 650g (gained 25g) - 26wks
Sheba is 585g (gained 75g) - 22wks
Crumble is 845g (gained 15g) - 30wks

Total piggy weight 10.130kg (total gain 280g across 15pigs).

You can see how much Bonnie has grown in the last month as well. Here is a photo of her at only hours old, followed by one of her at nearly a month old. She's catching up to her mum so fast!

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