Sunday, June 12, 2011

A new addition

We have another new addition to our piggy family! I haven't decided on her name yet... She's so funky she deserves a really cool name.

We adopted her from a fantastic shelter called The Cavy Cottage. She has the most unusual markings with her face almost exactly symmetrically black/white. She then has random patches of black and white and peppered bits all over her body, with lots of funky tufts. The first photo was taken by the shelter owner, while the second photo is her cuddling up to my sister-in-law this evening.

Just need to come up with a name now!!


  1. Domino, Harley Quinn (or just Harlequin), Bishop, Rook, Castle, Checkers... ok... sorry... I'll stop XD She's BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Oreo? (ACK, no, I'm stopping, really)

  3. lol, Oreo was the first thing I thought of too Heather! :P And I considered Harlequin too - that would have suited her quite nicely). We ended up going with Lamington Galaxy! Bit odd... but pretty cool!

  4. Lamington Galaxy is the awesomest name!