Friday, June 10, 2011

Big Big Bonnie!

Hard to believe that this little lady is only 9 days old! She is huge! When I pick her up I can feel the squishiness of her fat little body, exaggerated by her amazing, thick curls! This is one special bubba.

She's still not terribly confident on the ramp. But I can't say I blame her - for a guinea pig it would look crazy high. I have watched her though, and she can get up and down it all by herself. If she wants to. But for the most part she just hangs out upstairs in the warm, while the others take it in turns to sit with her!

She's definitely her mother's daughter - the curls and the temperament run in this family!

1 comment:

  1. Look and Cheals face in the last photo!!! Lol - Bonnie is so beautiful and growing so fast! She is growing as fast a Mika and Mika is 5weeks!!! She is gaining so well and is growing so fast!! Do you think she'll be as big as her mumma?

    - Ray -

    Oh and the Mika I'm talking about is my Mika the long haired rascal!