Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fat Fat piggies

Here's the weigh in for Monday the 4/7/2011:

Sprout is 570g (gained 15g) - 12wks
Sparrow is 635g (gained 85g) - 12wks
Liam is 605g (gained 20g) - 13wks
Ruby is 730g (gained 30g) - 15wks
Ginger is 740g (gained 10g) - 15wks
Kobe is 715g (gained 10g) - 18wks
Alice is 680g (gained 55g) - 20wks
Beeno is 685g (gained 60g) - 18wks
Alba is 670g (gained 25g) - 18wks
Custard is 985g (gained 50g) - 4.5yrs
Subi is 1.015kg (gained 15g) - 2yrs
Bonnie is 495g (gained 100g) - 5wks
Galaxy is 725g (gained 75g) - 27wks
Sheba is 635g (gained 50g) - 23wks
Crumble is 910g (gained 65g) - 31wks
Yeti is 225g (gained 15g since wed) - 5wks

Total piggy weight 11.020kg (total gain 890g across 16pigs, with one newby addition!).

Wow, the pigs gained a fair bit of weight this week! Thats quite amazing. A special mention needs to go out to Bonnie who went from 395g to 495g in one week! That girl is going to be a big mumma when she's fully grown.

Ruby is looking heaps better too. Her eye is basically back to normal, and it was good to see her gain a little this week after nearly staying the same last weigh in.

Sprout is looking so much better too. All of his hair has grown back, and the scabby skin stuff (assumed fungal infection) has almost disappeared after his last bath in malaseb shampoo. I decided to give him another bath today, just for good measure, and because the weather was quite warm. He's currently rugged up in his bright green towel on my lap at the moment. He's stopped shivering now, and is just sitting there looking up at me with his big ruby-black eyes. There's something special about this boy... not sure quite what yet. But there's a bit more behind those eyes than the usual guinea pig...

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