Monday, July 18, 2011

A piggy weigh in on my birthday

The weigh in for Monday 18th July 2011 (my birthday!):

Sprout is 400g (lost 110g) - 14wks
Sparrow is 695g (gained 65g) - 14wks
Liam is 670g (gained 3g) - 15wks
Ruby is 810g (gained 55g) - 17wks
Ginger is 800g (gained 50g) - 17wks
Kobe is 685g (lost 25g) - 20wks
Alice is 725g (gained 75g) - 22wks
Beeno is 725g (gained 50g) - 20wks
Alba is 735g (gained 70g) - 20wks
Custard is 965g (gained 40g) - 4.5yrs
Subi is 1.065kg (gained 35g) - 2yrs
Bonnie is 575g (gained 80g) - 7wks
Galaxy is 755g (gained 35g) - 29wks
Sheba is 770g (gained 105g) - 25wks
Crumble is 1020g (gained 80g) - 33wks
Yeti is 320g (gained 65g) - 7wks

Total piggy weight 11.715kg (total weekly gain of 690g across 16 guinea pigs)

So, as you can probably see, poor little Sprout has dropped further to a low of 400g. He's been sitting at this weight for a few days now without dropping any further so I'm hoping to see an increase soon. He is eating spontaneously, though not as much as usual. And he doesn't seem as listless. He has a decent set of lungs on him too, and scream/squeals when I take Kobe out to weigh her as well. These two are quite bonded I think. I'm a little worried at her second weight loss this week though. That's 30g lost over the last fortnight (which doesn't seem like much in comparison to Sprout's loss of 150g, but is still a bit concerning). She seems physically fine, so I'm hoping it's just a stress thing because her buddy isn't well and that she'll pick up when he does.

The rest of the pigs seem really good. They all spent the day on the grass again today, enjoying the winter sunshine. The babies (Yeti and Bonnie) gorge themselves on the grass! Come the afternoon when it's time to put everyone back in the mansion, their little bellies feel like they are bursting at the seams! Yeti's fur is getting longer and crazier. I have honestly never seen anything like her before. Liam's fur (my pedigree Texel) grows in long, soft ringlets/spiral curls. Yeti's fur is like black wool, growing in clumps/clusters. It's quite funky.

(I had to pop this photo in here too... I love it when the pigs all squish up. And yet again, Galaxy manages to get in the shot!)

I've been keeping an eye on Custard too. Her hair got quite sparse last week, but is growing back now. With her colouring, the new hairs start out a darker shade of cream, then get lighter as the hair gets longer/older. So the new patches of hair are quite visible. I've done a bit of reading about it, and I think she probably has an ovarian cyst. That would explain the hair loss, her continually doing the 'horny dance' to the other girls, and her pudgy belly. At this stage she seems comfortable and happy though, and the others tolerate her eccentricities, so I don't think it is worth stressing out an old girl like her to get it removed. We'll just keep an eye on her too.


  1. Happy Birthday Emma!
    I love all the pictures and I do hope that your little sick one pulls through. They seem to be a lot of work keeping them all healthy.

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day.

    I hope custard does not have a cyst. And I dont know if you knew this but you can use sugar cane mulch for bedding but it MUST be 'organic'. It cost $12 for a really big bag. It's what I use and I checked online and it's safe.

  3. Thanks guys. It was a good birthday. There was lots of cheesecake! :D And they are a lot of work actually. I don't think I realized that the work load would increase exponentially as the numbers increased! :P And I didn't know about the sugar cane for bedding Kimberley. What is it like? I stopped using straw after I had 3 eye injuries in a week, and a $100 vet bill for Ruby! The straw had lots of tiny little shards about 2cm long and 3mm wide that were just the right size to wedge into their eyes.

  4. The sugar cane mulch is really good. I haven't had a problem with it since I started using it last month.

  5. i'll have to make sure I get some more photos of her. Little Yeti is the most unusual little lady in the group... and her fur is just getting longer and longer!

  6. Lol - I wonder what her parents were like... did you see them?