Saturday, July 9, 2011

Plush piggies

I've been busy sewing lately! Meet my latest plush pigs! This is Mishka the tri-colour sheltie posed next to Alice. She's available from my etsy store, and $10 from her adoption fee goes directly to The Cavy Cottage guinea pig shelter (where GaGa and Yeti came from).

Here we have 'Stardust II' the silver agouti smoothcoat next to my Sparrow, also a silver agouti smooth coat. Sparrow was a little reluctant to be a model, but we got there in the end! (She kept head butting Stardust and trying to hide under him!).

And lastly, a funky pink texel plush guinea pig named 'Candy' next to little Yeti. Again, Yeti wasn't real keen on posing. She has really made herself at home in the big cage and was super keen to get back there, so I didn't hold her up any longer.

We just did some posing with the plushies instead. So much more cooperative!


  1. You are very talented! Both the plush and real guinea pigs are super cute! I've been thinking about getting a guinea pig but just not sure how it would work with us already having 2 dogs!

  2. Yeah, we had the same concern with our dog Oliver. But he has proven to be really good with them. So far. I still think he wouldn't hesitate in giving them a taste if he got access to them though!