Monday, July 25, 2011

More pregnancies

The weigh in for Monday 25th July 2011:

Sprout is 455g (gained 55g) - 15wks
Sparrow is 730g (gained 35g) - 15wks
Liam is 730g (gained 60g) - 16wks
Ruby is 770g (lost 40g) - 18wks
Ginger is 835g (gained 35g) - 18wks
Kobe is 690g (gained 5g) - 21wks
Alice is 735g (gained 10g) - 23wks
Beeno is 775g (gained 50g) - 21wks
Alba is 740g (gained 5g) - 21wks
Custard is 965g (stayed same) - 4.5yrs
Subi is 1.055kg (lost 10g) - 2yrs
Bonnie is 620g (gained 45g) - 8wks
Galaxy is 790g (gained 35g) - 30wks
Sheba is 790g (gained 20g) - 26wks
Crumble is 1055g (gained 30g) - 34wks
Yeti is 340g (gained 20g) - 8wks

Total piggy weight 12.075kg (total weekly gain of 360g across 16 guinea pigs, which is just over half of last weeks gain or approx 22g per pig)

Everyone did pretty well this week. I am so relieved to watch Sprout slowly put some weight on. It seems crazy to me that he and his sister Sparrow can be so far apart in size, yet both had the exact same start in life. There was a second curly haired bub in the litter adopted by someone else. I wonder if that pig has had similar health issues, if it was linked to the curly gene, or if Sprout was just the runt?

Sheba was feeling particularly pudgy today too. I'm 90% sure she's got some bubs in there too. She's not as fat as Crumble, but definitely more fat than just blubber. So looks like she may have been knocked up before she came to live with us too! It will be nice for the mum's to have their litters together, and good for the babies to have other's to run and popcorn with. I'm very excited.

And the picture for this weeks weigh in is Ginger modelling the cozy house I bought for the pigs from the Cavy Cottage. It comes with a cushion insert, but I ended up taking it out and cutting out the bottom off after some destructive pigs decided to try nibbling the lining! It now lives in Sprout and Kobe's cage, helping to keep them extra warm at night.

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  1. We're glad to hear Sprout is finally gaining some weight! Feed him some carrots--if he likes them as much as us, he should be back to his original weight in no time!