Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bonnie Butterscotch

Oh my goodness, I am smitten! Isn't she just the most darling little cherub! The two name suggestions were Bonnie (from my hubby) and Butterscotch (from a friend). So I decided she shall make use of both of them and be 'christened' Bonnie Butterscotch!

I put her out on the grass with Subi when it warmed up enough today. The other girls were very curious. I left Subi and Bonnie in the smaller cage inside the puppy pen though, because as big as she is, I think she'd be able to squeeze through the bars on the puppy pen if she wanted. And there would be a not-so-friendly real puppy waiting for her on the other side...

I got some really cute 'grass cam' videos of her first grass experience too. I'll pop a link up to them once they're online.

I contacted the original owner of Subi to see if I can find out any information about who Bonnie's dad might be too. More out of curiosity than anything. Oh, and I discovered on the Australian National Cavy Council that I'm still a registered breeder under the prefix of 'Sirroco' Cavies, 20202S1. I just need to find another pedigree Texel to partner up with Liam, and I'll be back in the swing of things again!

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  1. Oh my that is the most darling little cherub! Bonnie Butterscotch you are so adorable it make me and Emma Smitten!