Monday, January 2, 2012

Before and After

I thought I'd do some before and after shots of some of the pigs, especially Xeraphina and Tabitha who have come so far in their mite treatment that you wouldn't even know anything was ever wrong. The photo above shows Xeraphina on the first day she arrived 2 months ago.

These photos show Xeraphina today!

She really is my ideal piggy. Gorgeous colour, thick, soft mid-length curls, rosettes, big dark eyes and a cheeky personality!

And this was Tabitha on the day she arrived here last November. She had lost the most fur, but her mites weren't quite as bad. She too is doing so well...

The more her hair grows back, the more like a texel she looks! I think this little lady will be stunning as an adult with a full coat!

For more 'before and after' shots, feel free to check out the new album I've made on my facebook page. It really is incredible once you start comparing the pics!

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