Thursday, January 19, 2012

Texels texels everywhere! (oh, and a Peruvian)

Recently I was lucky enough to adopt a number of purebred and pedigree texels (and one orphaned peruvian!). These are the newbies:

I thought I'd get the little Peruvian introduced first... This little lady is 'Kumiko', and is a Peruvian with a few extra rosettes from Perfect Angel Cavies. She lost her mum at birth so has been lovingly hand-raised and is a very cheeky little miss!

This lovely lady is a Pedigree Texel named 'Glenjolie Savannah'. She is from the same stud as Liam, but not too closely related at all. In fact, she actually closer related to Phoebe, being her full Aunty.

And this is 'Lavender Vale Tex', a gorgeous silver agouti pedigree texel boar. He is the dad of the two girls directly below:

Isla is the daughter of Tex and Savannah. She is gorgeous beyond belief! I think she and Liam will have incredible babies.

This is the second daughter - Indigo. (also parented by Tex and Savannah)

And this little bub is 'Lacey', Tex's granddaughter.

This bub is 'Robyn's Nest Lacey' - who I've remaned 'Eirwyn' (as we already have a Lacey!).

And this is Eirwyn's mum 'Robyn's Nest Giselle'. She needs to re-grow her hair after her litter, but should be stunning once she's back in full coat.


  1. TOOOOOOOO cute!!! I LOVE the peruvian girl!

  2. Oh my goodness! I love Eirwyn and Lacey :) They are precious!

  3. Is the white pup( Eirwyn ), a silent silver, what colors are the parents?Thanks.