Thursday, January 12, 2012

Millicent's gorgeous babies

I checked on Milli this afternoon, not expecting to find anything as she'd been quite content all morning. But sitting snuggled up next to her were three huge, fluffy, perfectly clean and dry little bundles of cuteness! I have no idea when she had them exactly - it must have been quick and silent is all I can say! What I do know is that she and Malakai make incredible babies! (all of which have been claimed/put on hold).

The only boy, 'Whisper' weighed in at 95g. He is 95% lilac, with just a touch of cream on his back. He has the stunning thick, rosetted coat of his parents, but hopefully will get a little more lift than Malakai, and have the hair grow over his face instead of away from it (like Milli). At this stage he looks very very promising.

This is the first girl 'Winter' (ironically named, seeing as she was born in the middle of summer... :P), she weighed 105g and was the biggest of the litter. She is a gorgeous mix of white, cream and a patch of lilac by her eye. She too looks to have a very pretty mix of rosettes.

And this is 'Willow', weighing in at 90g. She is an unusual mix of ginger, white and a 'dark lilac'. Not sure what else to call this colour. It's not quite slate, it's not quite taupe, it's not the lilac I'm used to... it just seems darker! lol. (if you know what this colour is referred to in the cavy world I'd be very keen to hear from you).

She too looks to have a brilliant coat, which will look amazing with those contrasting colours cascading everywhere when she's grown up!

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