Friday, January 6, 2012

RIP Sahara

I am so sad to report that little Sahara did not win her battle for survival, and passed away this evening from what was probably a toxic combination of blood poisoning/retained placental infection, mange mites, incorrect diet/housing, some kind of growths or tumours and goodness knows what else.

She was a beautiful, gentle little lady, who even though she was probably in a lot of pain, never struggled or resisted. She spent her last 60hrs on earth nestled in amongst some fresh hay, fragrant grass and fresh veg. At least she isn't in pain any more.


  1. Your readers have no doubt you gave her what might have been the most cared for, loved 60 hours of her life.
    I'm so sorry it ended that way, but you're right, she isn't in pain anymore, and *you* did a wonderful job giving her the best 60 hours any piggy could have.

  2. And thank God for someone like you who gave her that much.