Thursday, January 5, 2012

Violets Baby Boys

Another week of constantly watching Miss Violet passed - watching for unusual behaviour, making sure she's comfortable, feeling her very active little babies kick and wriggle in her belly... Then I checked her first thing this morning - and NOTHING!

So I went about my morning, getting the kids fed, and changed and doing a bit of cleaning. I quickly popped back into Violet's room to put something away shortly afterwards - and there was a baby bobbing around next to her! A quick check and she'd JUST delivered two beautiful big baby boys - still gooey and wet!

( Here they are at 3 hours old: Henry is on the left, and Hamlet on the right)


Henry is the bigger of the two brothers. He weighed in at a very good 100g. He is physically a lot bigger than Hamlet as well - you'd think there was a lot more than 10g difference between them.

Henry is a stunning blend of cream, cream agouti and white.


Hamlet was the 'runt' of the litter at a very decent 90g. He is slightly darker in colouring with golden agouti, ginger and some tiny patches of white (on his head and under his chin).

The boys come from pedigree texel parents, but I do not currently have the dad's paperwork. If I can get this I will paper the babies, and they too will have a pedigree. If not, then they will simply be stunning purebred texels (with pedigree lines).

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