Friday, January 27, 2012

Two litters in 12hrs!

A LOT has been happening here over the last 24hrs or so. We've had two litters (Crumble yesterday, then Alice this morning), we're dealing with all the flooding (which has meant trying to find temporary homes for all the pigs inside the house), almost running out of food (due to the constant need to change bedding/clean cages with all the soggy rain), Dante failing the thrive/suckle and needing hand feeding, Yeti not seeming herself (I'm yet to put my finger on what it is, but if she makes it through the night we'll be off to a specialist vet first thing in the morning), and the rest of my every-day life with two small kids and a household to keep together!

These are Crumbles two little men - Simba (sheltie) and Safari (texel). Both purebred, both agouti, both gorgeous! They were born at approx 8:30pm last night (thursday the 26th Jan 2012) - I walked in halfway through and had to help get Simba out of his sack!


Simba is the runt, weighing in at only 65g. He's a mix of red and golden agouti and will have the long, thick sheltie coat of his mum when he's all grown up. He's still a little wobbly at the moment, but will stay inside with me until I'm confident he's ok.


And this is Safari, the bigger of the boys weighing in at 85g. He is a cream agouti texel, and will look a lot like his daddy Liam when he's all grown up.

Then, I woke up this morning to find three BIG gorgeous babies running around after Alice. She did a brilliant job, and they were all clean and very active. Malakai makes some incredible babies.

We have two little boys and one little girl, Monty, M.J. (short for Michael Jackson) and Mirella.


Mirella weighed in at a decent 105g, (and wasn't the biggest of the litter). She's a gorgeous tri-colour girl just like her mum.


This is M.J. - the biggest of the bunch weighing in at 115g. He is almost exactly half black and half white! Very funky little dude.


And Monty is the 'pretty' boy of the litter with his gorgeous cream and white fur and big dark eyes. He weighed in at 85g.

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