Friday, December 30, 2011

Weigh in

The last weigh in for 2011, Saturday the 31st Dec 2011:

*** Liam's Love Shack ***
Liam is 925g (gain 45g) - 38wks (8.5m)
Ivy is 685g (gain 15g) - 14wks (3m)
Elodie is 865g (gain 40g) - 22wks (5m)

*** Romeo's Roost ***
Romeo is 620g (gain 20g) - 13wks (3m)
Lavender Mist is 725g (gain 10g) - 20wks (5m)
Zinnia is 605g (loss 35g) - 14wks (3m)

*** Malakai's Quarters ***
Malakai is 840g (gain 20g) - 21wks (5m)
Galaxy is 1065g (same)- 50wks (11.5m)- (Pregnant, due approx 27/1/12)

*** Girl's Mansion ***
Alice is 1035g (gain 40g) - 47wks (11m)- (Pregnant, due approx 27/1/12)
Bella-Donna is 405g (gain 55g) - 5wks (1m)
Chloe is 580g (gain 50g) - 13wks (3m)
Crumble is 1235g (gain 115g) - 1yr - (pregnant, due approx 4th Feb 2012)
Custard is 960g (loss 15g) - 4.5yrs
Delilah is 865g (gained 15g) - approx 1yr
Ginger is 940g (gain 5g)- 41wks (9.5m)
Jasmine is 565g (gain 30g) - 15wks (3.5m)
Lotus is 655g (gained 20g) - 14wks (3m)
Millicent is 980g (gain 100g) - 21wks (5m)- (Pregnant, due approx 15/1/12)
Molly is 745g (gain 25g) - 20wks (4.5m)
Nixie is 405g (gained 25g) - 7wks (1.5m)
Phoebe is now 815g (same) - 37wks (8.5m)
Pollyanna is now 445g (gained 35g) - 8wks (1.5m)
Ruby is 1065g (lost 25g) - 41wks (9.5m)
Sparrow is 1085g (gain 35g) - 38wks (8.5m) - (Pregnant, due 22/1/12)
Subi is 1145g (lost 25g) - 2.5yrs - (Possibly miscarried, not sure at this stage)
Tabitha is 455g (gain 20g) - 9wks (2m)
Tigerlily is 610g (gain 15g) - 14wks (3m)
Twizzle is 690g (gain 15g) - 14wks (3m)
Violet is 810g (gained 50g) - 24wks (5m) - (Pregnant, due approx 15/1/12)
Xeraphina is 590g (gain 10g) 12wks (2.5m)
Yeti is 995g (gain 45g) - 30wks (6.5m) - (Pregnant, due approx 22/1/12)

***On Hold/Adoptable***

Lulu is 640g (gain 15g) - 17wks (4m)
Amity is 310g (gain 95g) - 4wks

***New Mums***

Peppa is 1265g (lost 305g (of which 180g was baby)) - 1yr - (nursing Leilani's bubs)
Leilani is 775g (lost 475g (of which 435g was baby!)) - 28wks (6.5m)- (nursing)
Pudding is 85g (lost 15g) - 3days old
Puddles is 90g (same) - 3 days old
Promise is 95g (gained 5g) - 3 days old
Peanut is 50g (lost 5g) - 3 days old
Panda is 100g (same) - 3 days old

Well, the babies are yet to really gain much weight. But they are only 3 days old. I have noticed in other litters that there can be a little drop in the first few days. Peppa delivered a HUGE 180g, 15cm long baby girl this morning. But she was stillborn. I do not know if she died during labour, or if Peppa left her in the sack after her birth... she was a perfect replica of her mum, but wasn't cleaned at all. I think the shock of having to give birth to a newborn the size of a 2-3week old was too much for poor Peppa. She has however, taken some of Leilani's litter under her wing. I watched her this afternoon, and she's taken a particular liking to Promise and Peanut. You can see Peppa and Promise in the photo above. It is a tragedy to loose Peppa's baby girl, but a blessing to have her helping with the nursing of Leilani's bubs (none of them seemed terribly interested in my supplemental feeds).

[Little Peanut enjoying the mountain of grain!]

[Puddles and Pudding in the big cage]

We had a huge day today on top of this morning's sad find. All cages were cleaned, all piggies weighed, Bonnie, Jairo and Alba went to new homes and Panda and Puddles met their new family and were put on hold. I got some updated pics of the proud new daddy Malakai (shown at the very top of this post and below) and discovered that Violet's pelvis is already starting to dilate too. So we might have yet another litter within the week.

The last piggy left for adoption now is Lulu. She was due to meet her new family tomorrow, but they have had to let her go due to unforeseen circumstances. If you think you might have a forever home for little Lulu, let me know at

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