Friday, December 2, 2011

Weigh in and Peppa's Pregnancy

The weigh in for Saturday the 3rd Dec 2011:

*** Liam's Love Shack ***
Liam is 925g (loss 30g) - 34wks (8m)
Crumble is 1080g (gain 25g) - 1yr
Elodie is 730g (gain 5g) - 18wks (4m)

*** Romeo's Roost ***
Romeo is 470g (gain 45g) - 9wks (2m)
Lavender Mist is 670g (gain 20g) - 16wks (3.5m)

*** Malakai's Quarters ***
Malakai is 730g (loss 15g) - 18wks (4m)
Millicent is 715g (gain 35g) - 18wks (4m)
Molly is 615g (gain 5g) - 16wks (3.5m)
Sparrow is 980g (same) - 35wks (8m)

*** Violet's Arrangement ***
Violet is 665g (gained 25g) - 20wks (4.5m)
Pooh Bear is 1040g (gained 5g) - on loan

*** Girl's Mansion ***
Alba is 955g (gain 35g) - 40wks (9m)
Alice is 900g (gain 30g) - 43wks (10m)
Chloe is 450g (gain 60g) - 9wks (2m)
Custard is 995g (gain 30g) - 4.5yrs
Delilah is 665g (gained 90g) - approx 1yr
Galaxy is 980g (gain 15g)- 47wks (11m)
Ivy is 565g (gained 65g) - 10wks (2m)
Jasmine is 450g (gain 25g) - 11wks (2.5m)
Leilani is 1030g (gained 80g) - 24wks (5.5m) - (Pregnant, Due approx 30/12/11)
Lotus is 535g (gained 35g) - 10wks (2m)
Peppa is 1115g (gained 20g) - 1yr - (Pregnant, due approx 6/1/12)
Ruby is 1020g (gained 40g) - 37wks (8.5m)
Subi is 1170g (gain 10g) - 2.5yrs
Tabitha is 315g (gain 65g) - 5wks (1m)
Tigerlily is 525g (gain 65g) - 10wks (2m)
Twizzle is 585g (gain 75g) - 10wks (2m)
Xeraphina is 445g (gain 55) 8wks (1.5m)
Yeti is 890g (gain 30g) - 26wks (6m)
Zinnia is 555g (gain 65g) - 10wks (2m)

***Re-homing/Foster Pigs***
Rafia is 795g (gain 55g) - 13wks (3m) - (Heavily pregnant, due approx 8/12)

***New Mums***
Ginger was 810g post birth (lost 635g, 490g was baby), now 855g (gained 45g since Wed)- 37wks (9m) - (nursing)
Gypsy is 80g (lost 20g since birth) - newborn
Grace is 80g (lost 10g since birth) - newborn

Lulu is 575g (lost 10g) - 14wks (3m) - (nursing)
Anthea is 125g (gain 15g) - 1 week
Amity is 120g (same) - 1 week

Bonnie is 970g (gain 20g) - 27wks (6m) - (nursing)
Bella-Donna is 185g (gain 45g) - 1 week
Bethanie is 180g (gain 40g) - 1 week

Phoebe is now 725g (gain 15g) - 33wks (7.5m) - (nursing)
Nixie is 235g (gained 50g) - 3wks

So not a bad week all round. Sheba and Demi went to a very special new home to live out their days in luxury! And Noah went to his very delighted new mum as well! We have Pollyanna arrive, along with Ginger's litter on Wednesday. Very busy!

We also have another confirmed pregnancy! At last - I can confirm that Peppa is pregnant to Malakai! He's doing his job!!! lol. I am SO excited to see these babies. Peppa is stunning, and Malakai is incredible as well. I've estimated her due date as early Jan 2012.

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