Saturday, December 17, 2011

Gypsy and Grace Update

Thought it was about time I posted some updated pics of Ginger's bubs Grace and Gypsy. The girls are 2.5 weeks old now, and from what I can tell of their 2-week-old coats, I think we're going to end up with some funky, fluffy Abyssinians here! Very much like our 5yr old Custard (who is also had a pedigree longhaired dad and an aby mum!).

Grace started out as the weaker of the two surviving girls, but she's currently gaining faster than her sister! And if there's trouble to be gotten into - you can bet that Grace is in the middle of it! :P

Gypsy is a little more subdued, and actually let me get a few different angles when taking her photos. Her colours are just stunning.

Gypsy at 2.5 weeks.

Both Gypsy and Grace are currently unclaimed, so if you're thinking that these little ladies would fit into your family let me know! All their information can be found on the 'Available' page.

These are just a few pics I managed to snap Yesterday afternoon after the mammoth weekly Friday Cage Clean out and piggy weigh-in (which literally takes me ALL day! lol).

I like to let the girls run around while I'm cleaning as they get to explore the fully enclosed yard in supervised safety, and you can just see the delight in their little faces as they find scattered kids toys to hide under, and extra juicy patches of grass to munch...

... but it meant that by the time I got them all rounded up, and back inside, they were exhausted! Guinea pigs naturally have a nap time in the middle of the day - and in all the excitement, my lot were running laps instead! It was so cute to see them lazing about like pampered princesses!

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