Thursday, December 22, 2011

Brave Girls

With all the lovely weather we've had recently, we now have a backyard full of lush green grass. Which is about to be mowed right back tomorrow as part of our 'clean up the house for Christmas visitors' plan for the next few days!

So with that in mind, I decided to relocate our puppy dog Oliver to the fenced off section down the side of our house (with some big juicy bones to compensate for being kicked out of 'his' turf), and we let the girls run free (full supervised ofcourse!).

They LOVED it, and the smart/brave ones very quickly found where the best, softest and most juicy grass was growing! I would have to say that there are few things in life so simply satisfying as watching guinea pigs eat. They are the most thankful little beings - whether it be some vegy scraps left over from a salad, or access to a whole yard of grass. They are always so enthusiastic about food!!!

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