Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve Weigh In

[Leilani's Christmas Pose!]

The weigh in for Saturday the 24th Dec 2011:

*** Liam's Love Shack ***
Liam is 880g (loss 80g) - 37wks (8.5m)
Crumble is 1120g (loss 15g) - 1yr
Elodie is 825g (loss 55g) - 21wks (4.5m)

*** Romeo's Roost ***
Romeo is 600g (gain 35g) - 12wks (2.5m)
Lavender Mist is 715g (gain 5g) - 19wks (4.5m)
Zinnia is 640g (gain 15g) - 13wks (3m)

*** Malakai's Quarters ***
Malakai is 820g (gain 10g) - 20wks (4.5m)
Jairo is 230g (gain 65g) - 3wks

*** Girl's Mansion ***
Alba is 960g (loss 20g) - 43wks (10m)
Alice is 995g (gain 35g) - 46wks (10.5m)- (Pregnant, due approx 27/1/12)
Bella-Donna is 350g (gain 50g) - 4wks (1m)
Bonnie is 935g (loss 20g) - 30wks (7m)
Chloe is 530g (loss 10g) - 12wks (2.5m)
Custard is 975g (gain 15g) - 4.5yrs
Delilah is 850g (gained 35g) - approx 1yr
Galaxy is 1065g (same)- 50wks (11.5m)- (Pregnant, due approx 27/1/12)
Ginger is 935g (loss 10g)- 40wks (9m)
Ivy is 660g (same) - 13wks (3m)
Jasmine is 535g (gain 15g) - 14wks (3m)
Leilani is 1250g (gained 65g) - 27wks (6m)- (Pregnant, due approx 30/12/11)
Lotus is 635g (gained 5g) - 13wks (3m)
Millicent is 880g (gain 70g) - 20wks (5m)- (Pregnant, due approx 15/1/12)
Molly is 720g (gain 20g) - 19wks (4.5m)
Nixie is 385g (gained 20g) - 6wks (1.5m)
Peppa is 1265g (gained 10g) - 1yr - (Pregnant, due approx 6/1/12)
Phoebe is now 815g (gain 15g) - 36wks (8.5m)
Pollyanna is now 410g (gained 15g) - 7wks (1.5m)
Ruby is 1090g (gain 10g) - 40wks (9m)
Sparrow is 1050g (gain 20g) - 38wks (8.5m) - (Pregnant, due 22/1/12)
Subi is 1165g (same) - 2.5yrs - (Pregnant, due 22/1/12)
Tabitha is 435g (gain 35g) - 8wks (2m)
Tigerlily is 595g (gain 5g) - 13wks (3m)
Twizzle is 675g (gain 15g) - 13wks (3m)
Violet is 760g (gained 5g) - 23wks (5m) - (Pregnant, due approx 15/1/12)
Xeraphina is 580g (gain 50g) 11wks (2.5m)
Yeti is 950g (same) - 29wks (6.5m) - (Pregnant, due 22/1/12)

***On Hold***

Lulu is 625g (gain 25g) - 16wks (3.5m) - (nursing)
Anthea is 230g (gain 55g) - 3wks
Amity is 205g (gain 45g) - 3wks

***Adopted Today (weights as a baseline for new families) ***

Gypsy is 220g (gain 60g) - 3.5wks
Grace is 235g (gain 60g) - 3.5wks
Rafia is 580g (loss 15g) - 16wks (4m)
Juji is 190g (gain 40g) - 3wks

Not the best week this week - lots of losses, and lots of only small gains. I wasn't expecting another massive week like last week though, but if we have such small gains next week I'll have to look at what's going on. Most concerning was Liam's loss of 80g. He seems perfectly fine, but is definitely lighter to hold. His teeth look great, he's active and eating. He'll need an extra close eye on him this week I think.

Gypsy and Grace went to their wonderful new home this morning, as did Rafia and her daughter Juji. Both families were beautiful, and I think the girls are going to be muchly loved. We now only have baby Jairo left looking for his new home, and two of my big girls. (Check the adoption page for more info).

Well, it's Christmas Eve, so you might not hear from me for a few days now (unless Leilani gives us some Christmas babies overnight!). Have a wonderful Christmas, and give your piggies an extra cuddle and a chin rub for me!


  1. Hey Em, did Bethanie end up being rehomed somewhere, i cant see her on the weigh in?

  2. yes, Bethanie went to her new home last week. With the many litters we have coming up in Jan, I decided it was best to only keep one of Bonnie's girls.

  3. oh i thought you said you were keeping her, lucky person who got her then lol