Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sad news and Beautiful news

This is the last photo I took of the gorgeous Sirocco Adelina. She was 1 day away from turning 2 weeks old. This was Saturday afternoon. By Sunday morning she had passed away. We're not entirely sure what took her life so young. But from experience, and in observing her symptoms (rapid, noisy breathing) - it was either a URI (upper respiratory infection - like a cold/flu) or a heart condition. (We lost Little Dante in similar circumstances at the start of the year at nearly the same age!)

Her mum and sisters were quarantined with her as soon as we discovered the symptoms, but so far no one else in any cage, including the rest of Adelina's family have shown any symptoms. We are having some miserable freezing cold and drizzly weather at the moment, which is not ideal for piggies. They all have as many cozy beds, hidey houses and blankets as I can cram into the cages - as well as cuddle sacks for those in the tower cage. But if I'm honest, THIS is the kind of weather that will bring on an attack of respiratory illness. So now we play the waiting game - analyzing every sneeze, every breathe... and hoping! 

To shed a bit of light into the gloom that has been the last few day, this find made my day! Giselle delivered one HUGE baby girl this morning (26th June 2012). Liam is the father, and this will be the first pedigree texel female from Liam that we've had born here! We called her 'Sirocco Arabella' (which means 'little lion'), and she will be staying here! 

Sirocco Arabella. Weighed in at 140g! (I thought Giselle had two bubs for sure! lol). 
Giselle and Arabella are separated from the main herd, which is standard for mums about to deliver - but with the current situation they will stay separated indefinitely for their own safety. Babies, new mums, pregnant mums and older pigs are the most vulnerable to winter illnesses. 

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