Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sasia and Malakai's first litter

It was late on Saturday evening when I popped out to check on Saskia (and bring her inside for the night), when I found this little scene! One pink-white bub had just been born. 

I settled in to watch Saskia then deliver another 3 babies. All while Malakai kept guard from the cage next door! 

This was the first born bub. A little Sheltie-coated girl with a perfect jet black ear, dark eyes and a touch of chocolate roaning. We called her 'Dove'. 

This little guy was next. A black and gold sheba-coated boy we called 'Diesel'.

Then this gorgeous lady arrived. A big lilac, gold and white sheba-coated girl we called 'Diamond'. 

Then last was tiny Declan. He was a tri-colour sheba-coated boy. He was a lot smaller than his siblings, and just wasn't strong enough to get the suckling action working. He passed away after 2 days of fighting for survival.

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