Sunday, June 24, 2012

A week in litters.

This is Leilani, a choc himilayan coronet from Hazelron cavy stud. 

This is Bella Donna, one of our home-bred pedigree texel x purebred rex girls. 

And we all know Sebastian - the gorgeous pedigree texel. 

Sebastian has been busy, and both of these girls delivered his babies this week. Leilani on Wed the 20th June in the early hours of the morning, and Bella in the early hours of Friday the 22nd June. 

Leilani's babies. Two little boys and one little girl.

This is Sirocco Genoveva. She is a pedigree texel in P/E white. She may develop mum's himi points, but we won't know for a while.

This is Sirocco Gideon, he is a P/E white pedigree sheltie. He is going to have a beautiful beautiful coat. I actually haven't seen a fully white sheltie in person before... he's going to be hard to keep clean! lol

And this is Sirocco Galahad. He is a mix of white and gold. There may be some roaning to his coat, but I'm not 100% sure. It looks more like the gold on his body has white tips rather than solid white hairs mixed throughout... but I'm going to wait until his body is a little bigger to get a better look.

Bella's bubs - she deliver 4 good sized babies, 3 girls and 1 boy. All bubs are 3/4 texel, 1/4 rex. Which doesn't really mean anything in cavy terms - mostly that we won't know what these coats are going to do at this stage. It'll be another 'wait and see' situation. We should have some idea by 4 weeks, and know exactly by 3 months. There will be some bubs who end up looking texel, some will look rex and some might be somewhere in between.

This is Taylee. She is a gold agouti, gold and white curly coated girl. 

This is Tosca. She's a funky mix of gold, dilute chocolate agouti and white. 

This is Tiana, she's a pretty little D/E white (dark eyed white) with a hint of colour on one ear. 

And this is Tundra. He's also D/E white with a touch of cream by his ear. 

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