Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cleo is home! (and she's bought two son's with her!)

This stunningly beautiful piggy you see before you is Cleo. She may seem a little familiar - or maybe her name seems familiar? If so, that would be because Miss Cleo was born here late last year to Alice and Liam. Her sister Chloe is one of my resident females (and one of my favourites!).

I can see Cleo becoming a favourite quick smart too! Look at that soft little face! Oh. My. Word!

This handsome man has been Cleo's friend for a little while (his name is Greg, and he is a stunning black/white sheba-coated man from unknown origins), and together they've recently had their first litter of 4 funky little baby boys.

Two of the four bubs came home with mum. I couldn't help myself! Check out these coats!

This little guy is 'Rocket'. He has mum's colouring with the cream/lemon agouti, cream and white, and the awesome funky rosettes from both mum and dad. His coat will keep growing upwards until it becomes too long and heavy, then it will start to cascade back to the ground giving him a kind of 'walking toupee' that sheba pigs get! 

Rocket from the other side. His little face and his coat-type remind me a lot of Beetlejuice actually - just without as much white!

And this is 'Gizmo'. He has the exact same coat as his brother Rocket... only he comes with curls as well!!!!

This is EXACTLY the kind of piggy I've been trying to find/breed for sometime now. He has about half a dozen rosettes that I can locate in all that fluff, and his curls really do head out in all directions like a sheba. The curls hide the direction of the coat a bit, so that it just looks like one big fluff ball - and he actually doesn't look that much different to an alpaca here... but I'm curious to see what he looks like all grown up. Will he just look like a messy alpaca, or will we get something totally unique?!

(if you have a pig with the sheba rosettes/length AND the curls like this - I'd love to see pics! - email me at

These two were the bubs we had to leave behind. They're all currently 5 weeks old and will all have the funky, long crazy hair of mum and dad. If you're interested in either of the two remaining boys, please email me at and I'll forward on your details to the family who own them. (Pick up is from Brisbane/Goldcoast area).

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