Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Violet and Blaise welcome two Pedigree Sheltie bubs

This is Violet. (Pedigree Texel)

And this is Blaise. (Pedigree Sheltie)

And this is what you get when you mix Violet with Blaise! Two super sweet pedigree sheltie bubs. 

This cheeky little man is Sirocco Chase. He is a gold agouti and white boy, and weighed in at a very healthy 110g. 

This is Sirocco Charlotte, she is a lemon agouti and white sow, and weighed in at 105g. Two very good sized bubs! They just look so sweet together. 

They reminded me a lot of Violet's first litter back in January - two little boys - again, one darker, one lighter! (Texels that time as the daddy was a texel). 

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