Monday, June 11, 2012

Isla's Surprise bubs

The gorgeous Isla delivered three healthy bubba girls on Sunday the 10th June 2012. We were out at a family gathering all day, and came back to the wonderful surprise. Walters Sebastian Bear is the daddy (Pedigree texel). Isla's parents are Glenjolie Savannah (pedigree texel) and Lavender Vale Tex (pedigree texel) - so she is also pedigree texel, just missing a prefix in from of her name as the stud she was born at last year didn't quite finalize their registration process, and I cannot claim her as 'Sirocco' as she was not born here. 

These three girls will be pedigree texels as well, with the prefix 'Sirocco' in front of their names. The only time a stud can use their prefix in front of the name of one of their babies, is if the parent animals also come with a pedigree. There appears to have been some confusion around this from other studs. Pet stock cannot be given a prefix name or a pedigree. Pet stock can also not be introduced into a pedigree, no matter how spectacular their coat! (For those who attacked my Facebook page last week, if you have a browse through the hundreds of posts there and here on blogspot, you'll see this has NEVER happened at Sirocco. Your energy may be better spent elsewhere!). 

For those curious as to what can be added to a cavy pedigree, this might help. 

Pedigree Texel can be paired with:
*Pedigree Texel
*Pedigree Sheltie
*Pedigree Merino
*Pedigree Coronet
(and these breeds can all be interbred and still maintain the pedigree lines)

Pedigree Alpaca can only be paired with:
*Pedigree Alpaca or
*Pedigree Peruvian 
(and Peruvian back to alpaca, or Peruvian x Peruvian etc. These breeds cannot be mixed with the ones above, and still be considered 'pedigree')

No other breeds (rex, sheba, short-coat, crested, aby etc) can be mixed with any of the above breeds, and be called a pedigree either. 

 And now that we've hopefully got that sorted, I can introduce you to the gorgeous little ladies! This is Sirocco Ariani. She weighed in at 85g and is a cream, white an cream agouti sow. She will be traveling up north to Xavora Cavy Stud when she's weaned.

This stunner is Sirocco Adelina. She is a stunning white, gold and gold agouti sow, weighing in at 75g. She will be off to Ohana Cavy stud when weaned.

And this is little Sirocco Amethyst. She is a silver agouti (like her granddad Tex) and white texel sow. She weighed in at 80g and will be staying here.

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