Sunday, July 1, 2012

Tigerlilly's bubs

Our gorgeous Tigerlilly delivered two big, healthy bubs sometime between 9am-1pm on Saturday morning (I was out... there's definitely something to the phenomenon of the pigs 'holding on' until you're not around!). 

I opened her cuddle sack (which she'd refused to give up/come out of), and was greeted with two still damp, white curly bottoms!

Meet 'Eden'. He weighed in at 115g and is a mostly white texel boy with a bizarre 'silver agouti' face. (I don't actually think this is 'real' silver agouti. It has a lilac tone to the outer colour, with a black base, white ticking then the lilac hint. Some dilution perhaps?) 

His colouring sparked an afternoon of cavy colour research (which didn't actually help!), but spawned this new page on Cavy Colours, which is where I'll compile any new info as I get it. 

And this is 'Elia'. She weighed in at 110g and is also predominantly white (thank you Daddy Sebastian!) with a big black eye patch on this side and a hint of gold on the other. She too will end up with the full texel coat.

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