Thursday, July 5, 2012

Update on Gizmo and Rocket

I was looking back through the blog today, and lately all I've been managing to post are the litters/newborns! I've been crazy slack on the updated pig pictures - which are seriously fun! 

Gizmo and Rocket (the son's we brought home along with their mum Cleo a few weeks ago) are 8 weeks old now and looking great! They're currently bunked in with Granddad Liam and a little friend, 4 week old Atticus. I was worried all 4 boys would bicker - but Liam keeps them in line with gentle discipline. 

Gizmo has great density, and his coat still has a good deal of lift too. I was a bit worried we'd begin to loose that as the coat gets longer. It may still do that, but so far so good. 

Rocket is looking brilliant too. Just look at those chops! His coat looks a lot longer than Gizmo purely because it's the straight version. 

These two are the funniest little duo! We're so lucky to have them here with us!

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