Thursday, July 19, 2012

Eirwyn's trio of cuteness!

This was little Eirwyn the day she arrived here at our Caviary at approx 4 weeks old. All crinkly white curls. 

She arrived with her mum Giselle though... and over the weeks it became apparent that Giselle HATED Eirwyn with an intense passion, and would corner her in the cage and systematically pull chunks of her coat out and chew it up like spaghetti. (I actually got this behaviour on video... I should try and find the file...)

So this is what Eirwyn looked like all grown up. Her gorgeous curls were never given a chance to grow nice and long like a texel's should. This didn't stop her from catching the eye of a certain romantic old man though, and soon Eirwyn was expecting her first litter to Tex. 

It felt like we were waiting forever for this litter, but late on the 9th of July 2012 in the midst of a rain storm Eirwyn delivered three gorgeous bubs. 

This is Sirocco Clove - a very rich golden agouti pedigree texel sow who weighed in at 100g.

This little honey is 'Sirocco Colton' the only boy in this litter. He has the most gorgeous big boofy face with a mostly white body and a splotch of lemon agouti across his face. He weighed in at 100g as well.

And last, by no means least - this is Sirocco Cora (now known as 'Ashanti', named by her new family). She is also lemon agouti and white and weighed in at 110g. 

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