Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Piggy Beds and Cuddle Sacks

We recently created some new piggy bedding products to add to our 'Cuddle Sack' range for sale on the Sirocco Cavy Stud facebook page

We were having fortnightly market nights for a while there as winter was approaching here in Australia, but we've been otherwise occupied with sewing/creating creatures for an online teddy bear show happening this weekend, and didn't get a chance to make anything new for the pigs. 

We actually got down to our last half-dozen cuddle sacks too (from a total of 90+ items in our last June market night!). That felt like stock levels were WAY too low for me! 

So these are the new items:

We made some padded beds for the first time. A really simple fleece design, stuffed with eco friendly fibre fill made from recycled PET plastic (taken from recycling water bottles). It has the same feel as regular fibre fill, but being 100% synthetic means that it dries quickly and maintains it's bounce/softness.

We originally only had the beds in 'Tiger-Print' (which is now sold out), but currently have a few new designs. You'll just have to disregard the 'available' amounts, as this has dropped considerably. Check out our Cuddle Sacks Album on our facebook page for the current availability of each design. 

The pink/lime reversible beds are my favourite design in the fleece. These are slightly bigger and would fit two pigs (if you had two happy to share). 

I had a brilliant idea to experiment with some of our faux fur fabric from our bear supply business as well - and it works a treat! This stuff is low-pile, 100% synthetic (non absorbent, so moisture/urine will wick away), and SUPER silky to the touch! 

And just today we've whipped up some of the pink faux fur beds with a lavender purple fleece lining/base. These two colours looks great together, and we have a limited run of about a dozen of these available

 I'm loving little Tao modeling these more 'manly' bed. 

And of course there are the cuddle sacks. My pigs LOVE them! We have a whole heap that we use on rotation so that when one lot are being cleaned/drying, we have fresh ones at the ready. 

We can also offer the chunky metal holder clips as well. These work so much better than my scrap pieces of tie-wire we were using. (and that much safer for curious pigs too). 

A table full of piggy cuddle sacks. And this month's batch was only half the size of the June batch. I still can't believe how many piggies are keeping warm in our sacks now. It's such a nice feeling to know that pigs other than our own love them!

If you're interested in purchasing some bedding for your pigs, most cuddle sacks and beds are $15 (some are $10), and postage is $5 for any amount of items. Just comment on the Facebook album, purchase using the paypal button on the cuddle sack page here on the blog, or send me an email at and I can let you know what we have available.

And yes, we will certainly do discounts for big orders! Most piggy lovers can't stop at one furry friend... !

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