Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hannah and Tex's muchly awaited litter

This is our very cute little Hannah. She's nothing 'special' genetically - not pedigree/purebred, just a cute little cross breed with a full on attitude. Her dad was an alpaca and her mum was an aby. 

And this is our Tex. I'm sure you're all pretty familar with him by now! He's our silver agouti pedigree texel. He is the dad of Hannah's bubs. In placing them together I was expecting a litter of all bubs with rosettes (Hannah should carry two dominant rosetted genes) and I was hoping one might end up with curls (as Hannah should be carrying the alpaca curl gene.

We didn't get curls, but we did get lots of rosettes! And more 'silver' too. Thank you Tex!

Meet 'Magnolia. She was the third born bub, and is stunning in a mix of a 'silver' agouti and white. (non of the bubs are true silver, nor true cinnamon agouti - but somewhere between these two colours).

And this is Meadow (she was first born). She's slightly more like a cinnamon agouti (with a touch of chocolate warmth to her colouring), but still very similar to silver. All bubs ended up with beautiful ruby eyes too.

And this is Mirage - second born bub. She too is this weird not-quite silver/not quite cinnamon colouring. All three are staying here for the time being so I can see what those gorgeous coats are going to do. In time they will be partnered back to 'Gizmo' our curly-coated sheba boy. But that's many months away yet.

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