Monday, December 29, 2014

Baby Boys

I was giving Ben and Beethoven some cuddles last night, and realised that I hadn't gotten any updated coat photos of them since they were born. They are both growing so much and have chubby little pot-bellies on them too. Beethoven's stunning roan-effect is showing up more and more as his hair grows, and he is looking just like his daddy Boris did as a bub.

Ben probably has the longer coat at this stage - his density is incredible for 2 weeks.

Below is a photo of daddy pig Boris sitting on my lap while I played with his hair. He is a wonderful boy, and his son's are growing up just like him.

As much as it breaks my heart, we will probably need to find new homes for the baby boys in a few weeks time. They would make a wonderful pair together, but will need a home that appreciates the specific needs of a long-haired pig. I haven't put this out there officially yet as I'm still making up my mind...I am finding the idea of rehoming my babies so much harder this time around. But really the only way to keep them here without ending up with a community of cages taking over our backyard is to get them desexed so they could hang with the girls in the big pen. Which could be an option... I just get nervous putting a cavy under anesthetic for something that doesn't really need to happen - the risks outweigh the benefits especially as they could live quite happily together without needing surgery!

We will see how we go... my heart is getting too jaded.  I used to just trust blindly that my pigs would be loved and well cared for in their new homes, but I've learnt that it just isn't always the case...

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