Friday, December 12, 2014

More Cavy Plushies... its addictive!

Spent the better part of this week sewing up yet more plushie guinea pigs. You can see a bit of my work-in-progress above.

The end result are these cute little faces below. I fall in love with each one as soon as they're completed as well, and I think I'm getting a little better at the real-ism. I've never been great with getting art fully true-to-life (so I've ALWAYS gone for the more cartoony/stylised genre) - but these guys have been a nice break from that.

Granted they do still have quite cutesy, rounded little faces that aren't totally true to a classic cavy shape... but, I'm going to blame my little butterball Kobe on that! (as you can see below!)

So, this big boy is 'Shelton' - and yep, he's a 'Sheltie' style coated guinea pig. He's the adult-size, so full 9", and is actually really quite heavily weighted. He feels like you're picking up a real pig - minus the scratchy claws!

Shelton is currently (as of the time of writing) still available for adoption too.

Then I decided to make a mum and baby pair of plushies. Cookie and Mumma Pig were the resulting creation. They too are available for adoption. 

And this little guy was another custom request. I just love this fur made up into a guinea pig. All of our fabrics are fake fur from our fabric supply store - no real fur was used on these plushies.

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  1. I don't know why is it they are always giving me plushies during my birthdays. It's kinda weird but its cute.